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Lytx Compliance Services - What We Offer

  • Unassigned Driving Time Service: Effortlessly reconcile and manage unassigned drive time by handling crucial details and filling gaps to ensure time is accurately assigned to the right driver.

  • HOS (Hours of Service) Management: Guarantee driver compliance with federal driving, on-duty, and weekly limits using ELD and paper data, and verify log accuracy with supporting documentation.

  • Driver Qualification File Management: Conduct comprehensive audits of commercial driver files for accuracy and completeness, managing both initial hiring documents and ongoing expirations to boost productivity and mitigate risk.

  • Employee File Management: Perform thorough audits of non-regulated employee documents as per company requirements, ensuring complete and accurate records.

  • Truck Qualification File Management: Audit regulatory items and recurring vehicle-specific forms necessary for managing commercial vehicles, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency.

  • CSA Data Analysis and Reporting: Analyze and rank drivers and locations from roadside inspections, delivering forecasted scores ahead of FMCSA updates to precisely target coaching and training needs.

  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse Program: Retrieve and upload annual Limited D&A Clearinghouse data from the FMCSA portal into drivers' DQ files, ensuring compliance with federal regulations.